Beyond Global ENT



Collabo Season would like to present Beyond Global ENT. Starting BG President Prospect aka Lyon, C.E.O. Mr Turn it up & BG Artists- Linwood, Jay C & Marco. We would like to thanks all our fans & family. We would like to especially thank God for this gift we all have. We all have different passion, but its our passion & determine to be on top , that make us equal as one. we bring you music you can dance to, music you can relate too, & music that keep you think & wondering like wow. Beyond Global is support by Collabo Season, which Mr Turn it up is the founder of. 


We also introduce news, music, media, links, tours, & fan blogs. Their are 3 members in the group that are for music. We have producers, agents, promoters, & we are our own managers. Young, but we are intelligent, honest, straight to the point business men. Teamwork is whats makes us brothers & the closest of friends. We are a main stream group, but we have performance, studio session, phoot shoots, tours shows, interviews & videos line up for us. We are always looking for more artists to collabo with or / & sign. Coming Soon we will have our own clothing line & radio station.


We have the lately hook ups on studio set ups, entertantiment, news, & release music/ artist. You can check out our other websites in our links. You also can check  other celebrity website in our links, as well as our facebook, twitter, myspace. You can always see our lately track in music or check it out on our youtube, along with a link to download songs & albums. Ringtones link will post with the track or share throught out our websites.


Events date will be post every two weeks. If you would like to contact us you can email us or simply click contact us & leave your number or email. You will be able to comment & rate music, picture & our event blog. On the behalf of Collabo Season & BG ENT, we would like to thank you for checking out our website, support our sound & beccoming a member of music/ career changing history. Stay for more info & etc.  "Thank you"